The Night my Life Changed Forever by Tennille La-Shelle Winston

Tuesday, May 17, 2017 10:30 pm was a night that changed my life forever. My soon-to-be ex husband who had become addicted to crack, a man I once knew and loved, kicked in my back door, and headed into my daughter’s room where I was hiding and begin to choke me and beat me until I passed out. The inexcusable reason for this is because he wanted the keys to my car so that he could run from whomever was chasing him.
At this point…. I saw my life flash before my eyes, I thanked God that my 4- year old daughter asked to stay at her great-aunts’ that night. I began to pray Psalm 91 out loud. When I opened my eyes I realized there was a bullet hole in his head, but despite this grave injury he had great strength to do what he was determined to do. I still continued to pray as he continued choking, dragging, and punching me until we made it outside……all while he held a butcher’s knife at my throat. The more I prayed aloud, the more he became enraged. He started raping me in my car and at this point surviving seemed almost impossible. However, by the grace of God, he left. The next morning he was arrested.
Fast forward….This now started the process of ending what I thought was a great marriage to an awesome man. I was mad at God! I was mad at my ex husband! I was mad at myself! I was mad at the world! The five years leading to that moment was a series of trials and heartache. My daughter almost died during birth. A month later, my younger brother drank himself to death. My father was dying in prison. The hurt kept compounding and my heart was literally tearing to pieces.
Then on November, 2018, despite the hurt and failures, God resurrected my entire life. God showed me that He was in control. Despite my wrong thinking and my disobedience…..God was still my saving Grace. Stay tuned my story has just begun!