My Past Propelled me by Constance Latimore

I was the product of a teen pregnancy! Shortly after my mother got pregnant, she and my father ended their relationship. My mother is a strong woman and was determined to succeed in spite of the circumstances. She taught me how to be a strong woman and not allow your start to dictate your future. She later married my daddy and they raised me and my 2 sisters to be confident women of God.
I am a philanthropist, insurance professional and proud owner of Peturion Communities (formed to fight for those directly impacted by incarceration). My past has propelled me and I continue to build a stronger relationship with my biological father.
God has blessed me with the support system I have because my destiny requires the good, bad and ugly to ensure I receive all He has stored up for me.

Constance Latimore

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One thought on “My Past Propelled me by Constance Latimore

  1. This blog tells me how believe in God can give u enough strength in life. I can relate all this with my life. I would to read more such blogs. Outstanding way of expressing thoughts and experiences. Just love it !!!

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