Forgiveness is not for you, it’s for them.

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I often say, If you knew my story, you’d understand my praise….. Being teased all throughout high school because of how you look, you begin to develop somewhat of complex. I believe they call it low self-esteem. I would be in a crowd and want to shrink. You know blend in…. That’s kind of hard when you’re 6’2 and a girl. High school was really tough. The kids were so mean. My home life was not the best. Growing up, my Dad was in the home but he wasn’t. I am thankful that I had a strong Mother that did everything she could to keep us afloat. She showed me how to make things happen. She provided everything we needed and sometimes some of the things we wanted. She also showed me what real love looks like through all of the sacrifices she made while I was growing up. My neighborhood was tough. I used to be upset because I could hardly ever go outside. Because of the bullying I endured during high school, I dropped out for an entire semester. I saw my mother cry. I had never really given my mother a problem before. She was in complete shock. I went to day school and night simultaneously to catch up in order to graduate on time all while holding a part time job. Upon graduation, I joined the Army and embarked on the journey of a lifetime. Twenty-one and half years later, I developed self-confidence, I was promoted to a rank I never thought I would achieve(Master Sergeant), I traveled the world, learned many life skills, I learned many job skills, I made many life-long friends, and now I’ve been able to retire. I graduated with my MBA in Human Resources and I am currently working on my Doctorate. I own multiple properties and I’m looking forward to opening a business (Something Tall). I’ve modeled. I’ve mentored. My biggest accomplishments are raising productive children and being able to take care of my mother. She has no worries. #BUTGOD😊 He kept me! In my darkest days!! He kept me! In my weakest moments! He kept me! When I didn’t think I was gonna make it! He sent Angels!!! He kept me!!! When I didn’t know what to do! His Mercy and His Grace!!!! He made me with a forgiving heart and soul!!! I will tell you that I thought I healed from all the bullying that I endured but MY GOD knew better. One of the bully’s that tortured me the worst inboxed me just this year and asked me for forgiveness. When I tell you it broke me down because I was not expecting it but I knew from my reaction it was “Heaven Sent” and exactly what I needed to heal. Of course I told him I forgave him because the truth is, I forgive them all. I appreciate God for sending him to help me along in my journey. “Forgiveness is not for them, it’s for you🙌🏾”